Audio recordings of presentations given at New York City BSD Conference 2006.
Day One, Saturday, October 28, 2006:
Corey Benninger: Security with Ruby on Rails in BSD.
Brian A. Seklecki: A Framework for NetBSD Network Appliances.
Bob Beck: PF, it is not just for firewalls anymore.   Slides
Bjorn Nelson: A Build System for FreeBSD.
Johnny C. Lam: The "hidden dependency" problem.
Marco Peereboom: Bio & Sensors in OpenBSD.   Slides
Russell Sutherland: BSD on the Edge of the Enterprise.
Jason Dixon: BSD Is Dying.
Day Two, Sunday, October 29, 2006:
Jason Wright: OpenBSD on sparc64.   Slides
Kristaps Johnson: BSD Virtualisation with sysjail.
Wietse Venema: Postfix as a Secure Programming Example.
Bob Beck: spamd - spam deferral daemon.   Slides
[Murray Stokely: Challenges that we face at Google.] NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL APPROVED BY GOOGLE
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